HVCC Property Use Form and Guidelines

This form serves as the space reservation form for use of space within the Hickory Valley Christian Church facility. It contains the guidelines and procedures that we ask your organization/group to abide by while using the facilities. Please make sure all parties using the facility are familiar with this information. If you are using our facility for a non-church event or activity, forms must be submitted on the 15th day of the month prior to the month of the time requested. All organizational groups that are not affiliated with HVCC must submit certificates of insurance that names HVCC as insured before approval. All organizational groups not affiliated with HVCC will receive a written confirmation and once this confirmation is received and confirmed this agreement will be signed. Please note that all agreements for organizational groups not affiliated with HVCC must be renewed every 90 days.

$150 facility use fee is required for 50 or more attending meetings and events. $500 security deposit required for use of the gym or sanctuary. This deposit IS refundable provided facilities are left in same condition as found, and possibly be waived depending on type of event.

These deposits do NOT include additional fees that are required for use of sound/equipment/operations/cleaning and/or other


These deposits do not apply for current HVCC church members. If you are in question if security deposits apply to you and your group contact the church office

If you request the use of the church sound/computer system(s) or quipment it must be approved by the Worship Department. An operator/setup fee of $75 minimum will apply for assistance running the sound and computer equipment.

Unless other arrangements are made through the church office, those who use our facilities are responsible for leaving them in as good a condition as they found them --- this includes the arrangement of furnishings. If you’ve reserved the use of the building it is your responsibility to leave it clean. Failure to do so will cause you to incur a cleaning fee or possible restrictions on future use. The custodial

fee will be $50 minimum for use of Fellowship Hall; Oasis area or

classroom usage. A $150 minimum will apply with use of the Sanctuary and bathrooms on the Sanctuary level.

Cleaning supplies will be made available for you so that you can leave all areas in the condition found. Please use the following list as a check list before exiting the facility:

• carpet should be vacuumed

• bathrooms should be wiped down and trash taken out

kitchen sinks and counters should be cleaned and trash taken out, coffee pots emptied and turned off

• trash should be taken to the dumpster located at the back of the parking lot

• sweep and mop the areas where food and drink have been dropped and spilt

• glass entrance ways should be free from debris

• finger prints and smudges cleaned off glass

All food must be served and consumed in areas designated strictly for that purpose. The designated areas are in the gym, fellowship hall, children's center (OASIS) and choir room areas. No food or drinks are permitted in our Sanctuary or the foyer area outside the Sanctuary. The use of tobacco products and the possession of or consumption of any alcoholic

beverages is strictly prohibited on church/school grounds.

If you would like to make arrangements for cleaning following your use of the facilities, please contact the church office at 892-4270. A three day notice is recommended if you are requesting special arrangements for cleaning services.

Groups with children need to keep them confined to an area where you, as the adults, can supervise them, such as the Fellowship Hall, play ground or gym. Young children and teenagers are not allowed to run around the building unsupervised.

Groups who are using our facility for athletic type functions will only be allowed to do so in the gym and playground areas. All groups must supply a copy of their current insurance paperwork before these activities will be scheduled or approved.

Possession of keys to our facility carries great responsibility. Under no circumstances should the key be given to anyone other than the assigned (who is liable for any abuse of the facilities). Please see that the building is secure when you leave. Access to our facilities is only for the time and area specified in our agreement – verbal or otherwise. If this is

practiced by all, we can reasonably assure that the facilities will be ready for those who have reserved them.

Keep the energy cost at a minimum. Doors that serve as entrance and exit points to our facility should not be left propped open. When you leave, make sure that the lights are off, and that the heating/air conditioning units are at their nighttime settings (heat: 60; air conditioning 80; fans on “auto.”)

There may be times we will need to preempt your use of our facilities. Common courtesy requires us to notify you adequately so that your plans will need to be modified as little as possible. If your plans should change, please notify us so that others may use the facility at 892-4270.

Please note:

Your digital signature acknowledges that you have read and agree to the guidelines and understand your responsibilities in using the facility. Failure to abide by the guidelines may result in restrictions on future use. Please email or turn into the church office a copy of your organization's certificate of insurance naming HVCC as the insured. Forms and certificates may also be sent to:

Hickory Valley Christian Church

6605 Shallowford Road

Chattanooga, TN 37421

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